The Perfect Color Options for Custom Upholstery 

United Service believes that medical and dental chairs should never be boring or generic, so we offer a variety of color options for your chair reupholstery jobs. Spruce up your equipment with brilliant shades of warm colors, or keep it soothing with cool patterns. Whether you’re looking to match the office or go back to the brand coloring of the chair, we’ve got all the color options you need for custom upholstery. 

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Selecting Your Favorite Color

Whether you’re looking for the closest shade to the original chair as possible or looking for an entirely new color to match the new office paint job, our team can help you get the custom upholstery color you’re looking for. We have a variety of color choices and samples of each in stock, so we guarantee you’ll find something you like. When you start the process of color selection, a member of our team will ship a free color chart to you so you can examine the different shades we offer. Choose from the sheet, call us up, and we’ll get straight to work. If the color you want is unavailable or has been discontinued, don’t worry! United Service always works to find the best material option for you. We’ll get as close to your original shade as possible, if we can’t replicate it altogether.  

  • A variety of Color Choices

  • Free Color Chart Mailing

  • Color Samples 

  • Material Recommendations

  • Matching Colors 

Matching Colors

Yes, our custom upholstery team can match colors. Although some manufacturers are liable to have exclusive brand color shades, our experts work with leading medical-grade material products. This means we have access to a large selection of colors from multiple leading brands, and it’s likely that we can match your desired color. 

Call Us for Excellent Options Today

Don’t waste an entire chair just because you can’t find a matching color cushion to replace the ripped one. Call United Service and have us do some custom upholstery work. We can match, mix, or change colors on the cushion without issue, fulfilling whatever needs you have for custom coloring. Call us today to schedule your dental or medical chair upholstery work or to request a free estimate. 

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